26 Jan

Greens In Peanut Sauce Recipe


mchicha in peanut sauce Most of the time, we can go out of ideas of how to cook greens. Did you know you can cook your favorite greens in peanut sauce? Yes, this meal yummy and filling too.  This recipe has different variations which can be found in Central and Southern Africa. This recipe involves combining greens such as ale, collard greens, Amaranth (mchicha), cassava leaves and spinach with peanut sauce.

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06 Jan

Spicy Mashed Matoke and Potato Recipe

spicy matoke recipe

Do you love green bananas/plantain? I’m sure you will love this matoke recipe. If you are looking for a healthy side dish meal, you have to try this spicy mashed matoke and potato recipe. This matoke recipe is not only delicious, its healthy and easy to make too. One of the things I love about this matoke recipe is the spicy taste.

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03 Aug

How to Cook Sukuma Wiki (Collard Greens)- 10 Minute Healthy Meal


kenyan sukuma wiki recipe

Well fried sukuma wiki recipe  is a great accompaniment for ugali.  Sukuma wiki recipe is the easiest meal to cook and it’s very nutritious. Furthermore, this recipe requires easy to find ingredients. If you are looking for the perfect sukuma wiki recipe, this is it!

Sukuma wiki is an easy way to incorporate eating more greens in your diet. Though it’s a long life partner for Ugali 🙂 , you can use it along other side dishes such as plantain or mashed potatoes to mention but a few.

If you didn’t know how to cook sukuma wiki before, by the end of cooking this sukuma wiki recipe, you be a pro.

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03 Jul

Eating Beans the Coastarian Way: Maharagwe Ya Nazi (Beans in Coconut Milk) Recipe

maharagwe ya nazi recipe

When was the last time you ate beans? To east like a Coastarian, you don’t need to travel to Mombasa. You can bring Mombasa delicacy right in your kitchen 🙂

Do you ever give yourself the chance to experience amazing simple bean recipes? In this crazy life, early morning, late nights and busy weekends, there is no time to cook beans the old-fashioned way. The 21st century way of cooking beans is to soak beans overnight and use a pressure cooker to cook them for 30 minutes….they are magical that way. Read More

20 Mar

What’s Cooking For Dinner? Delicious Irio Recipe (Mashed Peas and Potatoes with Corn)


irio recipe Irio is a traditional Kenyan dish that includes delicious and healthy ingredients. Irio is common recipe but because of the cost of peas many hotels just mash green maize with potatoes and add veggies to imitate mukimo…lol 🙂

What you normally eat in restaurants and hotels is not the original Irio, not unless peas have been added 😉 .Irio is very similar to Southern Africa’s dish Moroko. Read More

02 Dec

How To Cook Kenyan Mukimo


cooking mukimo

There are different types of Kenyan mukimo and all have different names. In earlier days, mukimo used to be eaten during various occasions and ceremonies. The word “mukimo” comes from the word “mash” or ‘mashed”. The dish involves cooking different ingredients and mashing them together. Some mukimo are easy to make but others require time and patience, in the end, you must be ready to do some mashing 🙂 Read More