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How To Cook Kenyan Mukimo


cooking mukimo

There are different types of Kenyan mukimo and all have different names. In earlier days, mukimo used to be eaten during various occasions and ceremonies. The word “mukimo” comes from the word “mash” or ‘mashed”. The dish involves cooking different ingredients and mashing them together. Some mukimo are easy to make but others require time and patience, in the end, you must be ready to do some mashing 🙂

Over the weekend, I managed to cook some mukimo. This traditional dish consists of maize, beans, green vegetables and potatoes. First, maize (corn) and beans should be boiled to make githeri. Then, githeri is further cooked with other ingredients: potatoes and vegetables and mashed. This mukimo dish is nutritious because it has protein, starches and veggies in it. To have a perfect Kenyan mukimo dish, you must be good in mashing because it takes time and energy.

How To Cook Kenyan Mukimo


3 cups of Cooked Githeri
1 cup of green vegetables
Salt to taste
14 medium Potatoes

1. In a cooking pot, put in the potatoes

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2. Add the vegetables


3. Add Githeri


4. Pour in enough water to cover the ingredients

kenyan food

5. Cover the pot and simmer the mixture in medium heat. Do not stir, but leave to cook until all the water has dried out. To check if the water has dried, insert a cooking stick all the way down.

6. Start mashing to mix all the ingredients together. Add salt and pepper to taste.

mukimo recipe 7. Serve your Kenyan Mukimo with your favorite stew and enjoy 🙂

cooking mukimo

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