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Kenyan Mashed Potatoes

Kenyan Mashed Potatoes

Try these delicious mashed potatoes the next time you’re craving for a potato dish. Perfect accompaniment for your favorite stew!

Mashed potatoes was the one of the first dishes my mother taught me how to cook. Mashed potatoes are appealing and a favorite dish almost to everyone here in Kenya. In Kenya you can prepare them in different ways. The recipe am going to share is one of the most common approach used to prepare mashed potatoes. I promise to share other different ways of preparing mashed potatoes in coming days 🙂 

Mashed potatoes is one of the main side dishes that you have eaten more times than you can count when you were growing up. Mashed potatoes and chicken stew is a meal that we all looked forward to. Over the years I have seen people and friends prepare their mashed potatoes and it’s just amazing how many different ways there are to smash these tubers.

For our mashed potatoes recipe we will need some medium potatoes, water, milk and Margarine or (butter). I always started cooking my peeled potatoes in cold water. Why? Because my mother did it that way 🙂 .  But I never stopped to wonder if there is a good reason to start cooking potatoes in cold water.

When it comes to mashing the potatoes, I always use a wooden masher or mwiko (wooden stick), the same way my mother taught me 🙂

Kenyan Mashed Potato Recipe

•Prep time:  20
•Cook time:  40 mins
•Yields:       3 servings


10 Medium potatoes

I cup of Milk

1 Tbsp Margarine or butter

Salt to Taste

Water to boil the Potatoes


1.Peel the potatoes

potatoes in water

2. In a pot, boil the potatoes in salty water until tender. Use a fork check to make sure they’re done. Once they are done, drain them and set aside.

boil the potatoes

3. In a pot, heat milk and margarine together. Make sure the margarine dissolves in the milk.



4.When the milk margarine mixture is almost boiling, put the potatoes and simmer for 6 minutes.

kenya potatoes in milk

5. Reduce the heat and start mashing the potatoes.

mash potatoes

6. Continue mashing and turning so as to mash the potatoes completely. Add salt to your desired taste.

mash potatoes completely

Serve your mashed potatoes with your desired stew 🙂

Kenyan Mashed Potatoes [edamam-recipe-recipe:3]

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