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Kenyan Style Spaghetti Recipe: Spaghetti With Sausages

Kenyan spaghetti recipes

When it comes to how to cook spaghetti Kenyan style, there is a lot that you can do. Kenyan spaghetti recipes have become popular with time and nowadays they are a household name. One of my favorite Kenyan spaghetti recipes is spaghetti with sausages, I love this recipe 🙂 and I will show you step by step how to prepare it for your family.

Kenyan spaghetti with sausage recipe is such an easy throw together lunch.  It a quick meal to make and you can incorporate whatever ingredients you have at hand. The main ingredients used to prepare Kenyan spaghetti with sausage recipe include, your favorite spaghetti brand, sausages, onions, tomatoes and seasoning….That’s it! . Trust me, this meal is amazing and you will love it forever.

Now, let’s head to the kitchen and learn how to make Kenyan style spaghetti  🙂

Ingredients For Kenyan Spaghetti With Sausage Recipe

1 packet of Spaghetti

7 Sausages

Two Onions diced

4 Tomatoes diced

Pepper for Seasoning

Royco or Beef Chilli Cubes for taste

Salt to Taste

Oil to fry

Tomato Paste (optional)


Step 1: Put enough water, salt and oil (2 tbsp) in a pan. Once the water starts to boil, put in your spaghetti and let them boil for 7 to 10 minutes.

cooking spaghetti

Step 2: Once the spaghetti are cooked, remove from heat, drain any water and set aside. Cover to keep them hot.

kenyan spaghetti

Step 3: In frying pan heat oil and fry your sausages until done. Set aside to cool.

fry sausages


fry kenyan sausages

Step 4: At this point, slice your sausages and set aside.

sliced sausages

Step 5:  Next, we are going to make the sauce. Heat oil and fry your onions until soft.

fry onions

Step 6: Get your diced tomatoes and add to the onions. Fry until soft. Add salt and seasoning to the sauce and stir well.

kenyan tomatoes

Step 7: Add the sliced sausages to the sauce. Cook for 1 minute.

sausages in tomato sauce

Step 8: Get your cooked spaghetti and add to the sausage sauce.

spaghetti kenyan

Step 9: Fold the spaghetti in carefully to make sure the spaghetti are covers completely with the sauce. Cook for a few minutes and serve.

Kenyan spaghetti recipes

Enjoy you Kenyan spaghetti with sausage recipe :). Isn’t it so simple! Now you know how to cook spaghetti Kenyan style with a little twist 😉

Kenyan spaghetti recipes


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