01 Feb

How To Cook Kenyan Chapati (Chapos) (Flatbread)

Kenyan Chapati recipe

Chapati… or Chapo…is a common meal here in Kenya. I love chapati/ chapatis. Since I was growing up I always got extremely excited every time my mum used to declare we are eating chapati for the day. Am sure am not the only one who used to get overwhelmed with excitement over chapos :). Until now am sure we all are 😀 Read More

10 Oct

How To Cook Kenyan Chicken Pilau

Kenyan chicken pilau recipe

I am happy to share this chicken pilau recipe with you today. If you don’t know how to cook Kenyan chicken pilau, don’t worry, by the end of this post you will be a pro. If I have never mentioned it before, Kenyan chicken pilau is my favorite meal. You can serve me a lot of recipes but this one takes the crown on the list of my favorites 🙂

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16 Sep

Beef Brawn Rolls Bites Recipe


If you are looking for snacks to accompany your cup of tea, beef brawn rolls bites are a great combination.  This amazing recipe calls for beef brawn which you can easily find in the supermarket. My advice when looking for brawn is to go for Farmer’s choice beef brawn. Why the choice? Well, because their beef brawn is of high quality and has a great taste 😉

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13 Sep

How to Cook Simple Kenyan Dengu Recipe

how to make dengu recipe

Nothing tastes better that a Kenyan dengu recipe. Dengu/ green grams are nutritious and loved by many people. Green grams are easy to make and require no special skills. Green grams/dengu can be used to prepare different type of stews and sauces. The recipe am going to share is a popular Kenyan dengu recipe that many love preparing in their homes. It’s easy to spice dengu and easily include other ingredients 😉

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04 Sep

Kenyan Sausage Recipe: Fried Vegetable Rice and Spicy Sausages

kenyan sausage recipe

Do you love sausages? I know you do and this makes the two of us 🙂

Sausages are common on our breakfast tables. Did you know aside from having sausages for breakfast you can also make great recipes using them? I am going to show you how to be more creative and surprise your family as well as friends with this delicious Kenyan sausage recipe.

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16 Aug

Announcement!! Get My EBook

Ebook Cover

Drumroll please,…..I am thrilled to announce  the launch of my first e-book “10 Incredible Chapati Recipes You Must Learn How to Make Today”.  🙂

Chapati is widely prepared not only in Kenya but beyond. Most of us are accustomed to the plain chapatis but still taste yummy and are a great accompaniment for our meals. Most of us are used to the ordinary chapatis which have graced our tables since we were young. However, did you know that there are different ways you can prepare your chapatis?

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03 Aug

How to Cook Sukuma Wiki (Collard Greens)- 10 Minute Healthy Meal


kenyan sukuma wiki recipe

Well fried sukuma wiki recipe  is a great accompaniment for ugali.  Sukuma wiki recipe is the easiest meal to cook and it’s very nutritious. Furthermore, this recipe requires easy to find ingredients. If you are looking for the perfect sukuma wiki recipe, this is it!

Sukuma wiki is an easy way to incorporate eating more greens in your diet. Though it’s a long life partner for Ugali 🙂 , you can use it along other side dishes such as plantain or mashed potatoes to mention but a few.

If you didn’t know how to cook sukuma wiki before, by the end of cooking this sukuma wiki recipe, you be a pro.

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25 Jun

Simple Delicious Chocolate Cake

kenyan chocolate cake with prestige margarine

If you are like me, I love looking for new products in the market. My new found ingredient is Prestige Margarine enhanced with Vanilla. When I realized that Prestige Margarine is enhanced with Vanilla, I was like; I have to try it out. Which other better way to do it other than to bake a delicious cake using this margarine? One of the advantages of using Prestige margarine is you get to skip using Vanilla essence since the margarine is already enhanced with vanilla 🙂

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15 Jan

Kenyan Chicken Recipe: Chicken in Bread Crumbs

chicken recipes in Kenya

I love chicken and so do you 🙂 .  My love for chicken always makes me look for new and interesting ways to cook it. Chicken in bread crumbs is definitely an amazing Kenyan Chicken recipe.  This recipe is a yummy way to spruce up your chicken and turns out beautifully.  The main key ingredients are bread crumbs, eggs, flour and of course chicken 😀

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03 Nov

Healthy Snack Inspiration: Banana Covered in Chocolate

Banana Covered in Chocolate

Did you know bananas and chocolate can result into a delicious healthy snack? Well, during the week I got some healthy snack recipe inspiration; banana covered in chocolate. This snack has become of my favorite treats. I love the taste of banana and chocolate and freezing it for a while makes it even better 😉 Read More