01 Feb

Simple and Delicious Vegetable Egg Sauce

Kenya vegetable egg sauce

There is nothing as quick as making scrambled eggs and throwing in other few ingredients. Vegetable egg sauce can turn into a delicious, satisfying lunch or dinner in no time. Vegetable egg sauce goes well with Ugali (sima) or plantain. Veggie egg sauce involves adding chopped freshly green vegetables such as Sukuma wiki (Kales), Amaranth leaves (Terere/Mchicha), spinach or Pumpkin among others…whichever is your favorite. Veggies add a tasty twist to the normal egg sauce. Read More

17 Mar

Cooking Kenyan Ugali , Beef Stew and Steamed Cabbage

Kenyan Ugali , Beef Stew and Steamed Cabbage

Ugali or sima is a stable food in Kenya.  Eating an ugali recipe during luch or supper quenches your hunger pangs( you really get a stomach full). Actually, many people can agree eating ugali during the day makes you so full until you start falling sleepy 🙂 especially during those sunny afternoons. Read More